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Privacy Notice

At Marwe we take data protection very seriously. We take extreme care of all the information that we collect or receive from our customers. In addition to this, we also want to allow customers access to their own data and the possibility of their private data to be erased.

In order to use Marwestores services, the customer must accept the terms of this Privacy Notice.

Marwestore stores and retains three types of information: information received from the use of online services, information provided by users themselves, and information which is derived from analytics.

We use this information to:

  • Ensure that our customer transactions are succesful
  • Provide a safe and easy-to-use service
  • Make product recommendations and develop our marketing
  • Improve our website and customer service
  • Allow faster customer returns
  • Maintain our circular economy system

Registry owner and controller

The registry is owned and controlled by:
Marwe Oy
Niinistönkatu 6
05800 Hyvinkää
Business ID: 0125638-2
If necessary, you can ask more about data processing and data protection from our customer service:

What information does Marwestore.com collect and store?

  1. Information provided by users themselves:
    • Identification information, such as the customer name
    • Contact information, such as the customers phone number, e-mail address, and postal address
    • Payment information, including billing information and payment method
    • Location information for localisation (currencies, shipping)
    • Product reviews
    • Marketing message subscriptions
    • Personal information provided by the client with their separate consent, such as customer response inquiries
    • Customer size data for clothing size recommendation
    • Wish list items
    • Product-specific restock notification subscriptions
  2. Information received from the use of online services:
  3. Delivery information, such as the customers shipping address and selected payment method
  4. Purchase history, such as ordered products, refunds, and payments
  5. E-commerce browsing and usage information
  6. Device identification used for browsing
  7. E-commerce events, such as add to cart functions
  8. Product recommendations derived from browsing and purchase history
  9. Customer categorisations and interests derived from purchasing information
  10. Personal size data derived from earlier purchase history for personalized clothing size recommendations
  11. Data derived from the analysis:

Most often, the user of our website is the source of information. In some cases, we may obtain more information from our affiliates, such as a credit provider for billing services. You can see the information you own through the customer account and, if you wish, you will be able to erase your account and information related to it..

Who can view or handle my data?

Only Marwe employees can access our customer information and the software used to control them. All our systems require password authentication, and we keep an entry log on all internal customer data views.

In some cases, we need to transfer information to third parties, for reasons such as order shipping, data storage, analytics, and marketing. For these purposes, we only use trusted partners with whom we have covered comprehensive data protection and data processing agreements. These contracts have taken into account the requirements of current data legislation and the EU Data Protection Regulation. These partners of Marwe and Marwestore do not have permission to use or distribute information for their own purposes.

Data management liable:
Marwe Oy
Niinistönkatu 6
05800 Hyvinkää

Business ID: 0125638-2

What is my data used for?

Personal information is used for/to:

  • Order processing, delivery, archiving, and accounting
  • Maintaining customer relationships
  • Development of our internal functions and systems
  • Development of our customer experience and service
  • Statistical and operational management
  • Abuse prevention
  • The creation of better and more personal content and marketing
  • Enable the processes involving our circular economy system
  • Facilitate and speed up customer returns
  • To make product recommendations
  • Target relevant content for the right audiences

Is my data safe?

All of our data is located in secure server environments within encrypted databases with limited access and firewalls. Data center security measures are quite high, and all hardware is protected against intrusion. In fact, the largest security risk regarding your customer information is your very own account password. Do not pass this to outsiders and try to use a strong password.

Marwestore adheres to good data protection practices when handling customer data, and access to data is monitored. Marwestore is committed to fullfil with the requirements of the EU Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that will be effective as of 25th of  May 2018.

How long will my data be stored?

We will keep the information for the time needed for us to accomplish the uses mentioned in this document. We will discard personal information from inactive accounts no later than six years after the end of the activity. Some information may be stored for longer if required by law.

If the customer so wishes, his or her account may be anonymized, and all personal data will be removed by pseudonymization from the account and purchase history. Once anonymized, accounts can not be identified or linked to their former owners and are impossible to recover.

Customers can do this anonymization by themselves through their customer account. Due to our database backup automation, the total erasure of personal data will require a full rotation of our backup cycle. This rotation may take several days.

Legislation or unpaid debts may in some cases oblige Marwe to retain some of the customer information despite anonymization.

What are my rights?

It is our responsibility to ensure that you can:

  • Access and review the personal information you have given Marwestore. You can also receive a copy of these through your account page
  • Ask us to correct your information or do it yourself on your account page
  • Request restrictions on your data processing within the limits that allow us to accomplish the uses mentioned in this document

Data storage and processing are based on consent given by you, and you have the right to cancel this consent. This can be done by anonymizing your account: By deleting your account, you can withhold the information processing permission provided to Marwestore. You can do this yourself in your customer account page.

Requests for correction or other requests or questions related to your customer information can be sent to our customer service. If you notice any flaws in our handling or operations, you have the right to file a complaint to your local Data Protection Authority. Please do let us know about this flaw before doing this so that we can try correct our mistakes as soon as it is possible.

How do I see what information I myself have given?

From the customer account page you will find the opportunity to download a personal listing of the information you have submitted. We are continually developing our services to give you more access and control of your data.

How can I change my information or be forgotten?

You can personally configure, correct, or delete information you provide on your customer account page. You will also be able to decide whether you want to receive different marketing messages. We strive to develop more features for our customer account page so that our customers may easily control their personal information. You can also delete your account by anonymizing your personal information from our databases.

Will my data end up with third parties?

Some necessary information will be passed on to third parties in order to allow functions such as payment transactions, shipping, and marketing messages. For example, in order to ensure the successful delivery of your order, your address and contact information will be passed on to those responsible for logistics and shipping. E-commerce events and transactions are transmitted to analytics, content, and marketing systems, where only we have the right to access it. During your payment transaction, your payment information is sent through a trusted payment agent.

Each party will only receive the necessary information that is required for the given task or function. Any unnecessary use or distribution of data by these service providers is strictly prohibited. All data transfers are conducted through secure connections.

Cookies and other tracking methods

Marwestores web pages utilise cookies and similar browsing features, such as a browser cache. These are small files on your computer created by Marwes website which allow us to collect analytics from e-commerce users, and to offer a better-functioning website. For example, cookies are used for shopping cart functions, user authentication, and signing up for your user account. By default, your browser cookies will remain for one month unless you delete them separately. Deleting these cookies can be done in your browser settings. However, remember that your browser will load new cookies when revisiting  our site. It is mandatory to accept cookies and their use on our site as many of its functions depend on them.

Cookies are also used to personalise our content and marketing. Through these we can, for example, analyse and develop our online store, personalise website content, and target marketing.

Marwestores right to make changes to this Privacy Statement

We strive to continuously develop our services and provide a better customer experience for our users. As a result, new services and functions may appear, or old ones may change. We will update this report if needed. Legislative changes may also require us to modify or refine parts of this report.

Significant changes will be reported to our customers separately.

Any questions?

You may contact our customer service at marwe@marwe.com