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Our products are persistent winners of international roller ski tests and are globally the favourite choice among top biathletes and cross­-country skiers. Marwe roller skis are world famous for their perfect ski feel, flexible and vibration damping composite frames, and especially for the Marwellous rollers which have an outstanding durability and wet grip.

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The Marwestore.com online store supplements the international network of sporting goods stores which provide Marwe products in the EU countries & Norway, Russia and Switzerland. It offers the full range of Marwe products and ensuring their continuous availability.

New products for the year 2017 

For the year 2017 we have introduced two different frame options for the XC-range of roller skis. The standard option is aimed at skiers of the weight class of under 80 kg, and the Stiff frame for skiers over this range or who have a more intense skiing technique.

In the aluminium roller ski range the Classic 590 A has been introduced for the lovers of classical style of skiing. This model is available in yellow and pink

Marwe Products

We have introduced several re-engineered XC roller ski models. Based on this, we are proud to produce Marwe roller skis which are used in biathlon summer world championships and world cups.

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